Continental Sheepdog Championship

Team competition:
(Temporary result until all qualification runs are finished)
AverageFlagCountryNr. of runsPoint sum* FactorTeam score
161.125The Netherlands8 of 812891.0001289.000
156.750Norway8 of 812541.0001254.000
155.375Germany8 of 812431.0001243.000
148.250Sweden8 of 811861.0001186.000
146.250Finland8 of 811701.0001170.000
135.375Belgium8 of 810831.0001083.000
134.625France8 of 810771.0001077.000
127.875Denmark8 of 810231.0001023.000
118.125Switzerland8 of 89451.000945.000
117.875Italy8 of 89431.000943.000
113.750Czech Republic4 of 44552.000910.000
109.750Faroe Islands4 of 44392.000878.000
103.750Austria8 of 88301.000830.000
103.000Spain3 of 33092.667824.000
70.000Hungary2 of 21404.000560.000
63.000Poland4 of 42522.000504.000
38.500Slovakia2 of 2774.000308.000
0.000Portugal2 of 204.0000.000
* The factor is the number each teams points are multiplied by,
to compensate for teams with less than 8 members.

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